Judy Adams

Judy Adams

Judy Adams was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. While working in various areas including health care and environmental issues, Adams devoted time to raising her children. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her family. The Existence Game is her first novel.

"When I first published Existence, a literary club in Harrisburg, PA picked it up and very graciously invited me to come and talk with the members, all of whom were either in their late teens or early adulthood. It was truly an honor to meet with this engaging group, and I enjoyed my time with them immensely. After the meeting, I learned that one of the participants, Carmen, wrote a poem about the main character, Alex Moser. She wrote, ‘your book/Alex’s journey really inspired me to express some of my own demons through writing.’ Here is Carmen’s lovely poem."
— Judy Adams, Spring, 2012

a poem by Carmen Paddock

Fading away
So slowly fading away
Like a smoke wisp –
Shadowy wraith of numbness
Fading away

Plunging mutely
Shouting but plunging mutely
Only silence
Silence of an anguished scream
Plunging mutely

Gnawing torment
Mind snapped by gnawing torment
Freedom vanished
No one sees the ghostly chains
Gnawing torment

Falling in fire
Abandon life, fall in fire
Blazing spirit
Tear-streaked heart’s immolation
Falling in fire

Empty inside
Hollow eyes, empty inside
Abandoned being
Body, soul, disappearing
Empty inside

The future’s gone –
Frightening dawn –
Costliest toll –
A broken soul –
The mental strife –
Exhausted life –
But strength unknown
Lost years atones...

I’ve fallen, weak, but will not die
My tears will be my battle cry;
Though illness threatens to devour,
This will not be my final hour.

Sirens’ sweet songs hold me in thrall,
But I’m done with their deadly call.
I’ll fight to make my demons run
And see the rising of the sun.

I’ll struggle on through fear and shame
And soar, a phoenix from the flame;
I've laughter, friendship, art to give,
There is a love-filled life to live.